Meta-Museum – The Art of the Chinese Dragon Late 19th Century Style

The dragon is probably the most-used symbol in all forms of Chinese art and mythology. The dragon represents the “yang’, while the phoenix [fènghuáng] represents the “ying”. Chinese dragons traditionally symbolise potent and auspicious powers – powers that are capable of controlling water, rainfall, hurricanes and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, […]

Meta-Museum – Chinese Export Silver c.1900 Tray versus Song Dynasty c.1100 Silver Dish

Meta-Museum – A magnificent Chinese Export Silver epergne made by Hoaching in Canton, circa 1870

A magnificent Chinese Export Silver epergne made by Hoaching in Canton, circa 1870 Hoaching is an interesting silversmith. He is only known to have operated for 20 years yet all surviving pieces are without exception of the highest quality and all have his highly decorated trademark It is reasonably safe to assume this particular item […]

Meta-Museum – Megillah

Pictured left is a rare late 19th century Chinese Export Silver gilt megillah made by Wang Hing and bearing the Wang Hing mark with a secondary ideogram mark that reads “Rao J”. Rao was actually a Singapore-based silversmith, making this collaboration with Wang Hing all the more unusual. Examples of Chinese silver Judaica are extraordinarily […]

Meta-Museum – Antwerp Cup

An exquisite Chinese Export Silver lidded cup by the renowned Wang Hing & Co Dated circa 1885, the cup stands 42cm high; the diameter of the stand is 40cm; the diameter of the lid 18.1cm. The cup weighs 2179gm [70.06 Troy ounces]. The armorial cartouche remains blank The maker’s mark is pictured below right – […]

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