Chinese Filigree Silver Fit for a Queen 为女王量身定做的中国花丝镶嵌银器

Chinese Silver Fit for a Queen

There is no set like it; nothing that even comes faintly near it. It is an extensive 47-piece suite of Chinese tea wares made entirely of filigree silver-gilt overlay, most pieces having a solid silver-gilt inner form. It was probably created in the latter part of the 18th century, the likelihood being that Canton was […]

假消息 Fake news? Western auction houses and e-commerce sites seem worryingly oblivious to the increasing presence of Chinese “copies”

Few categories of antiques are immune to fakery; copies that manifest in varying degrees of passable authenticity, or at least at first glance. Fakes, replicas, copies – whatever one wishes to call them, have existed almost as long as the real thing and it’s been so for centuries and Chinese artisans have been considered the […]

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