Adrien von Ferscht

Adrien von Ferscht is considered the  foremost expert in for Chinese Export Silver and continues to research this unique silver category within the context of over 1200 years of silver-making inAvF in Chair China.

He acts as an independent consultant and expert to museums, important private collections and private collectors, academics and enthusiasts around the world.

He is on the Academic Committee of the Academy for the International Communication of Chinese Culture at Beijing Normal University

He is Senior Vice President of Ever-art International, Beijing

He is a regular Contributing Editor to WorthPoint, the largest online information resource for antiques and fine art.

He is a Fellow of the Asia Scotland Institute.

As an Honorary Research Fellow at University of Glasgow [Scottish Centre for China Research & School of Culture and Creative Arts], currently carrying out in-depth academic research: “History of Chinese Export Silver [1785-1940] Within the Context of 1200 years of Silver-making in China” & 3 parallel research areas:

“The History of Jews in China” – With particular focus on the 1200 year Jewish connection with Chinese silver making, their influence on creating an eventual definitive Chinese style, their migration from Sassania to Kaifeng during the Sung Dynasty, their continued association with Chinese silver making up to and including the Chinese Export Silver period and their involvement in the China Trade period in the 18th and 19th centuries

The Substantial Involvement of Scottish Merchants and Gentry in the Creation of the China Trade in the 18th & 19th Centuries and its Subsequent Expansion & Development

The China Trade [1757-1842] in the Context of the Chinese Export Silver Period

He has compiled a detailed catalogue of Chinese Export Silver Makers’ Marks that is published in digital format – the most detailed reference guide for the silver category with information on over 200 silversmiths 

He undertakes public lectures on the subject of Chinese Export Silver as well as Chinese Culture

He is actively involved with several universities, museums and academics and writes regularly for publications around the world.

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2 comments on “Adrien von Ferscht

  1. Alan Gaines on said:

    Please excuse prior difficulties in sending a link with pictures of my Chinese Tang style silver bowl. I believe the problem solved and the link is;

  2. Alan
    Thanks for the images and my apologies for the delay in replying
    The bowl is exquisite, however, I don’t think it is Chinese. I think this is probably Straits Chinese and by a Chinese silversmith operating there. I would say it is definitely 19th century – the workmanship is particularly fine. The marks are not marks I’ve ever seen before.
    The inclusion of the buddhist svasktika, conveying “well-being” is significant
    I will try to get to the bottom of the mystery – can’t promise though
    I do think it is a fine piece of silverwork though
    Can you give me your email address? Mine is:
    I don’t always see my website messages flagged up
    Best regards

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