Adrien von Ferscht 皇甫安

Adrien von Ferscht [皇甫安] is considered the leading expert for Chinese Export Silver and continues to research this unique silver category within the context of 2200 years of silver-making in China

AvF in Chair

He acts as an independent consultant and expert to museums, important private collections and private collectors, academics and enthusiasts around the world

He is Strategic Researcher at  Tsinghua University, Beijing

He is a Member of the Academic Committee of the Academy for the International Communication of Chinese Culture at Beijing Normal University

He is an Honorary Research Fellow at University of Glasgow  currently carrying out in-depth academic research into six main focus areas in conjunction with Tsinghua University, Beijing

He has compiled a detailed body of work [over 1000 pages] CHINESE EXPORT SILVER – The Definitive Collectors’ Guide” published in digital format – the most detailed reference guide for this unique silver category with information on over 350 individual retail and manufacturing silversmiths 

He undertakes public lectures on the subject of Chinese Export Silver; the 2200-year history of Chinese silver making; the history of Jews in China, their influence on Chinese silver making and their centuries old network on the Silk Road between Venice and Chang’an. He also lectures on Chinese Culture and the significance of the new “One Road, One Belt” initiative

Adrien is actively collaborates with several universities, museums and academics on an international level and writes regularly for publications around the world.

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  1. Alan Gaines says:

    Please excuse prior difficulties in sending a link with pictures of my Chinese Tang style silver bowl. I believe the problem solved and the link is;

  2. Hi Adrien,

    You have helped me in the past. A friend has a silver flask which may be Chinese Export. Could you take a look at it?

    Thank you,
    Kelly T Keating

  3. Colin Gullberg says:


    I’m interested in chopmarked coins, somewhat related to your area. I publish a newsletter [The Chopmark News] dealing with the subject and in every issue, I do an interview with someone of interest. This could be a coin dealer, important collector or researcher, an academic or anyone interested in silver in Qing China. Thus, I would be interested in interviewing you.

    I’d be happy to send you a link to our club’s publications. Just email me at: . If you agree to an interview [which will probably be done by email] I will put together some questions for you.

    Let me thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Colin Gullberg

  4. Bruce Kaller says:

    I’m hoping some reader would respond with any information on Miniature Chinese Silver Archaic style vessels. The “You” or covered vessels with swing handles that range in size of 3 to 4 inches in height. These have archaic design panels which Mimic to some degree Ming to Qing Bronze Archaistic vessels and vases. any dating information, crafts shops, products, greatly appreciated. I am new to the Silver area to a great extend. thanks, Bruce K.

  5. Alex Kaspar says:

    Been trying to buy your book for many months now.
    Tried everything:
    Joined Worthpoint and spent a couple of hundred
    Joined a research book site – another hundred
    Still no book…

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