Chinese Export Silver Makers Marks



Chinese Export Silver Makers Marks New 4 Edition

The Collectors' Guide to Chinese Export Silver

“Excellent research” “the beauty of this publication is that they are photos of actual marks and not drawings or interpretations” ….David Rees, Director, 20th century Decorative Arts & Silver, Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions, UK

“Complete, practical and very useful, the Catalogue of Chinese Export Silver Makers’ Marks by Adrien von Ferscht is a must-have for every person working for the auction world“…..Thibault Duval M.A.  SPECIALIST & HEAD OF THE CHINESE CERAMICS & WORKS OF ART DEPARTMENT AT IEGOR AUCTIONS, Hôtel des Encans, Montreal [Drouot Network]

“ a valuable resource” …..Patricia L. Whiteside, Inc. Appraisals Estate Specialists, Palm Beach & Naples, Florida

“Scholarship in the area of Chinese export silver is ongoing. There are still information gaps and inconsistencies. To this end, Adrien von Ferscht is making a very valuable contribution to the area, helping to reduce gaps and deepening our understanding in this critical area.” “Chinese silver is a complex area characterised by poor data and misinformation. Mr von Ferscht’s contribution in this area is a very welcome one indeed”…….. Michael Backman, Michael Backman Ltd, London – renowned supplier to museums and private collectors worldwide

“Having catalogued silver for over 20 years and Asian silver for 7 years, I know how invaluable Adrien von Ferscht’s catalogue is. It fills an important gap in the research and will prove an indispensable tool for scholars, museums, auction house cataloguers and dealers” ……. Vincent Krentz MA, Asian Arts Dept, Hôtel des Ventes, Geneva, Switzerland


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The timing felt right to compile this third edition. After two years, my research into Chinese Export Silver has reached a point where it feels quite definitely that a watershed point has been reached, many of the enigmas have been broken and I probably feel for the first time in the two years it has taken to get to this point that the roadmap forward is clearly defined; I suppose I want to say that the subject no longer feels like a minefield and now feels like a friend I know and understand well.

In this 3rd Edition, I have chosen to focus on the 1200 year history that preceded the advent of Chinese Export Silver. I have always made a point of stressing that Chinese Export Silver did not appear from nowhere and my research has reached a point where there’s so much back history there to demonstrate its roots without it overwhelming the information on the actual makers’ marks.

With over 200 makers entries, this is the largest information resource on Chinese Export Silver makers’ marks ever to be produced. Unlike previous 20th century works that had more of a focus on Chinese Export Silver that was physically in America, this work focuses on the actual makers and their silver in the context of The China Trade that dispersed the silver to Great Britain, Europe, America, South Africa, India, various Arab nations and Australia.

There is also a huge amount of background information on the makers, the cities they operated in, the China Trade in general and the complex relationship between foreign merchants, the Chinese Cohong and the Mandarins. There is also an insight into the haphazard system [or lack of one] that created the maker’s marks and the equally haphazard hierarchical system of retail silversmiths and the silversmith workshops

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