At last! Chinese Export Silver has been recognised as a significant and major silver category by the world’s largest online antique information resource worthpoint_w_coin_header_logo

In an effort to increase the breadth and depth of its expertise on antiques and collectibles, WorthPoint recently announced its collaboration with Adrien von Ferscht, the renowned expert in Chinese Export Silver. WorthPoint, is the first global antique database resource that has recognized the significance and importance of Chinese Export Silver as a major silver category.

“WorthPoint approached me a short while ago to see how we might collaborate. It made perfect sense to me since WorthPoint has organised the world’s information on collectibles into a central library or “worth” database – the Worthopedia” states Adrien von Ferscht. “As far as I am aware, I am the only person in the world carrying out in-depth academic research into the history of Chinese Export Silver and identifying makers and their silvermarks”.

WorthPoint and Adrien von Ferscht are now discussing how this initial collaboration might be expanded in order to optimise the availability of information on this extraordinary silver category.

This first article appeared a short while ago and was intended to be an introduction to what will be a mini-series that collectively will give an insight into a much misunderstood silver category:

A second article will appear later this week, with subsequent articles in the series appearing at regular intervals thereafter

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