Auction houses are ideal platforms for judging buying trends which by default would also include prevailing values. In a recent sale at Dreweatts in the UK, 39 Chinese Export Silver delivered some surprises; it goes without saying that the majority of buyers were from China. The trend at this sale and recently at other auction […]

META-MUSEUM: CHINESE EXPORT SILVER – The East-West Divide 中國出口銀器:東西方的分裂

 CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: The East-West Divide 中國出口銀器:東西方的分裂 Well into his third year of research, Adrien von Ferscht has always maintained a deep appreciation of the neo-classical Chinese Export Silver – a product of the late 18th/early 19th centuries. As his research has progressed, he has become increasingly aware of the trend of the majority of Chinese […]

META-MUSEUM: CHINESE EXPORT SILVER – The 19th Century Phenomenon Equivalent to the iPad! 中國出口銀器: 十九世紀的相等於今天萍果平版的現像

  The 1842 Treaty of Nanking broke the habit of a lifetime; after over 2500 years, China could no longer be the closely guarded introspective nation it had been, but even with the enforced opening of the fortress-like doors the treaty was in reality more of a fissure rather the hoped-for wide open gateway that […]

META-MUSEUM:CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: Catherine the Great Comes to Town! 中國出口銀器: 凱薩琳大帝來了!

CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: Catherine the Great Comes to Town! 中國出口銀器: 凱薩琳大帝來了! Catherine the Great could never be called a simple girl; to do so would be a gross understatement of the reality that was this supremely extrovert empress. Here we see her inaugurating the new Imperial Academy of Art in 1765 at the Shuvalov Palace […]

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