Meta-Museum – THE DEFINITIVE CHINESE STYLE 明确的中国式……a “chicken and egg” 1200 year evolution

When one is so deeply immersed in research, it is so easy to be blind to the obvious. This week, while meeting with a colleague, Dr Minna Törmä, our discussion suddenly brought on a reality check. Chinese Export Silver did not appear from nowhere. It was the product of a 1200 year evolution. But more […]


  THE SILVER ORPHANS OF SHANGHAI  上海的银色孤儿 “Arts & Crafts” From the T’ou Sé Wé Jesuit Orphanage That Wowed the World…. and TinTin! In December 2012 a somewhat obscure silver lot appeared in auction in the US that was described as being “Chinese Export Silver”. Being a maker I had not come across before, my […]

Meta-Museum – NO SPITTING IN THE SILVER VASE! 在银色花瓶的没有分散!

NO SPITTING IN THE SILVER VASE!   在银色花瓶的没有分散! The Chinese Export Silver spittoon that thought it was a vase! A few weeks, I featured a vase in the an article entitled “Chinese Treasures That Come and Go”. While the “vase” still is as stunning, quite soon after publishing the article I discovered the vase was […]

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