META-MUSEUM:CHINESE EXPORT SILVER – Discovering the New Master Silversmith of Shanghai 中國出口銀器: 發現上海的新銀匠大師

CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: Discovering the New Master Silversmith of Shanghai  中國出口銀器: 發現上海的新銀匠大師 Having researched Chinese Export Silver for well over three years now, I was quick to realise very early on that anything connected with Chinese history and culture is likely to be complex, to say the least. I have since realised that it is […]

META-MUSEUM:CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: The Longest Tea Party the World’s Ever Seen! PART 2 中國出口銀器: 有史以來最長的茶具 之二

CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: The Longest Tea Party the World’s Ever Seen! PART 2 中國出口銀器: 有史以來最長的茶具 之二 We continue the story of the inextricable link between the China Tea Trade and Chinese Export Silver with two images that are rather at odds with each other. The picture in the header to this article paints a rather […]


For Chinese artisans, boxes have always been more than mere utilitarian objects. Over the centuries, special decorative techniques were developed in order to make them extraordinarily special, while the amount of decorative detailing lavished upon boxes is often excessive relative to the size of the object or the purpose it was made for. Cultures vary […]


At the back end of August this year, the Dallas-based auction house Heritage Auctions had consulted with me regarding some items of Chinese Export Silver due to be consigned in a mixed silver sale for 5th November. They did it of their own accord, as opposed to my usual hectoring of auction houses at half-hearted […]

META-MUSEUM:CHINESE EXPORT SILVER:The Ultimate Tea Ceremony 中國出口銀器: 終極茶道

CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: The Ultimate Tea Ceremony 中國出口銀器: 終極茶道  Chinese Export Silver was very much a product of the China Trade which in itself was a phenomenon born out of the long-established silk and tea trades between China and the West. Tea, like silver, is very much embedded into the Chinese psyche. Unlike in China, […]

META-MUSEUM: CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: The oddities, the mysteries & sometimes the agonies! 中國出口銀器: 奇異的, 神秘的, 也有時令人苦惱的.

One of the many advantages of being known as carrying out in-depth research into Chinese Export Silver and its complex history is that I receive a huge number of images from people from around the world. The volume has increased as readership grows; a noticeable spike in the graph occurred when I began collaborating with […]

Meta-Museum – NO SPITTING IN THE SILVER VASE! 在银色花瓶的没有分散!

NO SPITTING IN THE SILVER VASE!   在银色花瓶的没有分散! The Chinese Export Silver spittoon that thought it was a vase! A few weeks, I featured a vase in the an article entitled “Chinese Treasures That Come and Go”. While the “vase” still is as stunning, quite soon after publishing the article I discovered the vase was […]

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