CHINESE SILVER-MAKING HAS JEWISH ROOTS Ongoing research at the Chinese Silver Research Centre [CSRI] at Tsinghua University, Beijing is furthering its focus on the Jewish merchants and actual silversmiths from Sassania [modern day Iran] who plied the Silk Road for centuries, introducing the art of silver-making to China. Chinese silver retained a definitive “persian” influence […]

Meta-Museum – THE DEFINITIVE CHINESE STYLE 明确的中国式……a “chicken and egg” 1200 year evolution

When one is so deeply immersed in research, it is so easy to be blind to the obvious. This week, while meeting with a colleague, Dr Minna Törmä, our discussion suddenly brought on a reality check. Chinese Export Silver did not appear from nowhere. It was the product of a 1200 year evolution. But more […]

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