META-MUSEUM:CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: Lustrous Beacons of Excellence 中國出口銀器: 明亮的卓越之燈塔

  CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: Lustrous Beacons of Excellence   中國出口銀器: 明亮的卓越之燈塔  Chinese Export Silver is without doubt the most mysterious silver category the world ever saw. Only now, over 70 years after it faded into obscurity, are we beginning to understand some of the many enigmas; it’s the stuff of movies! As a silver category, […]

META-MUSEUM:CHINESE EXPORT SILVER:The Ultimate Tea Ceremony 中國出口銀器: 終極茶道

CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: The Ultimate Tea Ceremony 中國出口銀器: 終極茶道  Chinese Export Silver was very much a product of the China Trade which in itself was a phenomenon born out of the long-established silk and tea trades between China and the West. Tea, like silver, is very much embedded into the Chinese psyche. Unlike in China, […]

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