META-MUSEUM: The Complex Hierarchy of The China Trade Relative to the Chinese Export Silver Trade 相對於中國出口銀貿易而言的中國貿易之複雜階級制度

Chinese Export Silver was very much a product of the China Trade, but the period between 1757-1842 is now known as the Old China Trade. Despite frenetic attempts by the Emperor to restrict European merchants, citizens and their trading to Macau, it began to spread throughout China. The Canton System was devised to control trade […]

META-MUSEUM: CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: Passing the salt in style – for 8000 years! 中國出口銀器: 遞上鹽的格調 – 8000年了!

      To many of us, we might be aware of the connotations that salt has with monarchy – a substance of high value and denoting high status. We might also be aware of the connections of salt with the Romans – the very word “salary” being a derivative that traces its roots to […]

META-MUSEUM: Chinese Export Silver: Canton Georgian Gems in Massachusetts 在馬薩諸塞州的廣東喬治亞風瑰寶

Chinese Export Silver: Canton Georgian Gems in Massachusetts                                                                                                 […]

META-MUSEUM:CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: Lustrous Beacons of Excellence 中國出口銀器: 明亮的卓越之燈塔

  CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: Lustrous Beacons of Excellence   中國出口銀器: 明亮的卓越之燈塔  Chinese Export Silver is without doubt the most mysterious silver category the world ever saw. Only now, over 70 years after it faded into obscurity, are we beginning to understand some of the many enigmas; it’s the stuff of movies! As a silver category, […]

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